Loss Prevention

Queensland Security Company: 24/7 Security Services for Brisbane & Gold Coast Australia

We can provide effective loss prevention security services to protect your business’ assets in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Orion Security Group’s loss prevention officers operate in many diverse settings. Their shared expertise includes excellent communication and people skills, undercover operations, and a wide depth of knowledge of Loss Prevention operations.

Upon request, Orion has the capability to conduct a full risk analysis on your retail location and thereby propose and implement a preventative theft strategy.

Uniformed & Plain Clothes Security Officers

Both uniformed and plain clothes officers are available, either full-time or for short-term roving operations. Walking the floor, they will closely observe and report on suspicious activity.

Our Clients

Some of the environments where we currently operate include:

  • Preventing Theft from Vehicles
  • Retail Theft Prevention Services
  • Undercover Detection Services
  • Work site Asset Protection

Employee Education to Assist Security & Loss Prevention

Educating employees about the need and effectiveness of this program has the added benefit of deterring internal theft. Our officers can optionally be used for randomised security inspections and/or to monitor stock on site. When necessary, investigators are available to perform more comprehensive interviews and detection services.

Surveillance Technologies and Procedures

Closed Circuit Television systems, or CCTV, are most effective when combined with on the floor prevention personnel and procedures. Our officers are trained in common surveillance systems and can monitor cameras located strategically throughout your store.

Secret Shopper Services

Orion Security Group also retains the capability to conduct secret shops, whereby our personnel can observe and report on the overall customer experience or to ensure compliance with requests for ID in legislated environments.

To learn more on what ORION Loss Prevention team can do for you, contact us today. Servicing Queensland.

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