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Provider of Premium Security services in Queensland Australia

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Welcome to Orion Security Group Australia, recognised as a part of a leading security provider network operating domestically, internationally on land, sea and air.

Locally, Orion Security Group services every major city across Queensland Australia including Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and the Lockyer Valley as well as having the ability through our trusted Orion network to service customers and clients all over the globe, we are able to mobilise quickly and effectively in all major cities worldwide, providing premium security solutions at a moments notice if and when required.

Orion specialises in providing low profile Bodyguards and Asset Protection Services

Orion Security Group (Queensland, Australia) provides low profile personal protection and low profile high value asset protection in Queensland, for government owned entities, corporations, private clients, we also support travelling international security teams and celebrities with discreet and professional protection and security logistical related support services.

Orion Security Group also extends it’s services out to victims of domestic violence, with most DV security services conducted on a probono basis as a way of giving back to the community and promoting a safe enviroment for all we come in to contact with.

Orion is very selective with who we service, we have an obligation to maintain our brands reputation and standing in the community, we have an obligation to our current client base as a trusted reliable quality brand that can be relied upon to complement our client’s and associates best interests.   

We conduct what we do best, which allows our client to focus their energy on their business matters.  Our clients can rest assured knowing that Orion has the organisations security matters in hand. 

Orion specialise in applying covert protection measures with an aim of establishing and maintaining a discreet presence to avoid unwanted attention.

Our aim is to ensure that any use of covert protection tactics is conducted in a way that will maximise the effectiveness of the tactic while minimising the risk of compromise to the operation and/or unauthorised exposure of covert techniques, equipment and operations.

Orion operations draw its covert protection skill sets from training and operational experience gained during time served in government units who specialise in high-level covert operations, with our staff members primarily coming to Orion from a services background,  most being ex-military or ex LEO.  All of our security operators are hired from within a tight trusted network, we do not cold hire off of the street.    We have adapted our skill sets to suit operating in complex enviroments both internationally and domestically, we tailor our service to suit each client task at hand whilst remaining flexible in order to adjust according to operational needs and requirements.


High-Value Asset Protection

Orion deploys highly experienced protection teams to ensure the security of high-value assets, both large and small. This can be for exhibitions, displays, facility shut outs, during staff strike activities or during refurbishments of facilities or buildings.

Please contact us if your organisation has any security needs outside of our primary services on offer.

About Orion Security Group

At Orion, we are driven to deliver excellence in everything we do, with an ongoing commitment to doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

Since our emanation, Orion has become a trusted and respected brand name in the security and client industries. Since commencing our services in Queensland, we have been able to maintain servicing a high level client since we were formed and continue to work alongside this client in support of major projects.

Orion’s network maintains independent offices in Brisbane, Australia and Dubai in the  United Arab Emirates. We have built a strong and enviable reputation for delivering polished and punctual service carried out by a team of knowledgeable experienced security providers.

As a result, we are proud to have provided and managed high-level security services, developed trusted and long-standing relationships with many clients, private sector enterprises, multi-national business’s and VIPs.


As of the 21st October 2021 SPAAL Member Orion Security Group Pty. Limited has successfully undergone and met all the requirements of a Queensland security firm licence compliance audit in accordance with the SPAAL’s Code of Conduct, the Security Providers Act 1993 and Security Providers Regulations 2008 and other relevant legislation.

Orion Security Group acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land we work and live on. We pay our respects to the Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the nation.


Orion Security Group Pty. Limited

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Ngati Tumatauenga – Veteran Run Business

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